Our Legacy

Dallas Electrolysis Associates

The journey of Dallas Electrolysis Clinic, Inc. began in 1998 as “Electrolysis for Men,” carving a niche for itself by addressing the overlooked need for men’s hair removal solutions. As we expanded our horizons to serve a broader client base, our evolution led us to become Dallas Electrolysis Clinic, Inc. in the early 2000s.

Professional Affiliations: Upholding Industry Standards

As members of the Texas Association of Professional Electrologists and the American Electrology Association, we ensure we align with the most stringent professional and ethical standards, providing reliable, high-quality service to all our clients.

Addressing Affordability and Efficiency

We acknowledge the concerns around the cost and time-consuming nature of electrolysis, which is why we emphasize efficiency in our treatments and transparency in our pricing. With us, electrolysis is a process marked by trust, commitment, and achievable results.

Our Mission is to Create Customized Care in a Comfortable Setting

At Dallas Electrolysis Clinic, our mission goes beyond hair removal. We strive to provide each client with an effective electrolysis treatment tailored to their unique needs, all within a pleasant, relaxing, and hygienic environment. Your comfort and care are at the core of our services.

Serving Dallas and Beyond

Our clientele extends beyond the city of Dallas to include the communities of Frisco, Carrollton, Plano, and more. We proudly serve both men and women in North Texas, providing the quality, customized hair removal solutions they deserve. At Dallas Electrolysis Clinic, we are more than just a hair removal service – we are a part of your journey toward confidence and self-expression.
inside of the building where dallas electrolysis clinic is held
dallas electrolysis clinic treatment room

Expertise and Excellence: Meet Our Dedicated Team

Our team comprises skilled professionals devoted to ensuring a satisfying customer experience. Maria Hernandez, with six years of experience in the field, and Dan Wallace, a Certified Professional Electrologist with an impressive 25-year tenure, bring expertise, dedication, and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.
dan wallace

Dan Wallace

Certified Professional Electrologist

With over two decades of experience in the electrolysis field, Dan Wallace is a respected figure in the industry. Fully certified and committed to the highest standards, Dan uses cutting-edge technology to achieve maximum results. His proficiency lies in crafting bespoke treatment plans that cater to the specific needs of each individual client.

Dan, a proud alumnus of the University of Texas, wears many hats in the field. Beyond being a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE), he serves as the President of the Texas Association of Professional Electrologists. Also, he sits on the Board of Directors of the American Electrology Association.

Dan’s journey into the world of electrolysis was sparked by a friend who was an electrologist herself. She recognized the underserved male demographic in the field and encouraged Dan to learn and practice electrolysis. True to her foresight, Dan has since carved out a niche for himself in the industry, serving as a trusted practitioner for clients of all genders, including those who might feel more comfortable with a male electrologist.

maria hernandez

Maria Hernandez

With six years of experience in electrolysis, Maria Hernandez leverages the most advanced technology to provide her clients with quick and effective hair removal solutions. Her dedication lies in helping every woman unlock her utmost beauty, enhancing their confidence and self-esteem through her specialized services. Maria’s skill and understanding of her client’s needs make her invaluable to our team.

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